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[personal profile] narrativian said: Optimism - where you find your strength, how you renew your hope for the future. Or you can talk about pessimism. But optimism's more fun :-)

Ooh, this is an interesting one!

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Happy 2014!

Jan. 3rd, 2014 09:32 pm
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Good Things I Did in 2013:

* Spent lots of quality time with good friends
* Lots of writing
* Lots of reading
* Sold a short story, saw another one in print after selling it in late 2012
* Saw Bonnie Langford perform again
* Visited Rome for the first time
* Went to Vidukon, one of my favourite cons ever
* Attended not one but two folk festivals
* Went to Nine Worlds, one of my other favourite cons ever
* GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Seriously you guys it was wicked awesome)
* Pitched to two different literary agents
* Visited the delightful city of Bristol for the first time
* Saw Vienna Teng live
* Went to Bletchley Park
* Sang in my third big concert with my choir

Good Things I Plan/Hope to Do in 2014:

* Spend lots of quality time with good friends, both the ones happily nearby and the ones harder to reach
* Lots of writing
* Lots of reading
* Get a novel published - I've hoped for this at the beginning of every year since I can remember, and I haven't achieved it yet but every year it doesn't happen teaches me more about how I might eventually get there
* Get a new job - my job was ideal until it wasn't. Regardless of how convenient it is in some ways, I need something more interesting and challenging
* Visit Iceland and Japan - the first is coming up in a couple of weeks, the second's in April! We are very spoiled this year
* Attend Vidukon and Nine Worlds, and probably at least one folk festival
* See more live music - Taylor Swift and Dar Williams are already locked in, I'm looking out for more, and I'm also hoping to catch up on some musical theatre soon
* Generally have epic adventures

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[personal profile] tellitslant said: Places you would like to travel and why.

Good question! And there's a long, long list that boils down to 1) places I've never been before; 2) places I've been to and loved; 3) places where people I love are.

Starting with number three and working out from nearest to furthest - I'm grateful that my immediate family live on the same small island I do, but it makes me sad that even so the prices of trains make it difficult for me to get back to North Wales more than a handful of times a year. I would love to be able to go there more often, and to Nottingham where a couple of my best friends still are.

I used to go to Russia every year, but it sucked me dry financially every time. I'm not sure when I'm going back, especially given recent developments there.

Most other people I wish I could visit more/ever are in Australia or the USA or Canada.  *waves at you all*

Number two, places I've been to and loved - again, Russia. The things going on there at the moment are so troubling, but I did a lot of growing up while I was living there and St Petersburg especially is one of my cities, y'know? Also, knowing [personal profile] carawj has given me a taste for Italy - I've been to Amalfi, Naples, Pompeii and Rome, and I could stand to see more. I've also been fortunate enough to have [personal profile] silly_cleo show me Athens, and as much as I liked it just as a place, what I really bonded with was the food. If I could eat Greek all the time I would be perfectly happy. So much yummy cheese and veg! (To be fair, the part of London I live in should make this easier!)

Places I've never been - where do I start? Well, the US, I suppose - I'd love to go to Boston, and New York, and San Francisco, and Dollywood and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'd love to go to Canada and make a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island. I studied German for years and never got around to going to Germany, and I'd really love to. Basically, though, anywhere I haven't been yet, I'd really like to because I like new places! And I was going to say Japan and then I realised that I am going there, in a few months! Also I'm going to Iceland in like a matter of weeks! And I've been out of the country at least once most years for the last several, which is really damn lucky and an awesome position to be in.
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[personal profile] raven said: If you don't mind talking about it, how's married life?

I don't mind talking about it! (And actually, yesterday was our three-month-iversary, so it seems like a nice time to talk about it.) So far it's, in some ways, exactly what I expected - that is, just the same as it was before. We were already living together and we already knew we wanted to spend our lives together, so getting married was more an affirmation of where we already were than a step into something new.

And yet, it is a tiny bit different. Just in small ways. Like, I like the word 'wife' better than any of the other words we've used to describe our relationship. I do like 'partner' for its simplicity but it's just ambiguous enough to lead to awkward misinterpretations, and you'd think 'girlfriend' would be fairly obvious but the amount of times I've talked about 'my girlfriend' and had people go 'oh, so what does your... friend do?' etc. And 'fiancée' always led to: 'what's his name?' 'her name is Cara...' and then the OTT gushing about how wonderful that is and isn't it nice that you can do that now, which I don't mind because it's well-intentioned but it does get a bit embarrassing. As a word, 'wife' is unambiguous and implies permanence, both of which, for our relationship, I like. And it's just kind of fun to say.

Changing my name has been an interesting experience too. I took Cara's surname for a variety of reasons, and although it's weird to get used to, I'm quite enjoying it. I'm less enjoying the hassle changing it caused with my work email address/log-ins being messed up, and I'm quite put out by the people noticing the change and asking "oh, did you marry someone Welsh?" when I was Welsh all along and Cara, in spite of having a very Welsh-sounding surname, is barely even a tiny bit Welsh. But I like the balance it gives my name - my first name is Welsh to the point of being unpronounceable for some people, and I mostly use my middle name for simplicity, but having a more Welsh last name makes me feel better about that in a weird way. (I'm keeping my original full name for writing, though.)

In terms of how day-to-day married life has been, like I said, pretty much the same as it was before. Although with added work stress for both of us for various reasons, but minus wedding planning and nerves. I miss the wedding planning a little bit, but mostly I'm relieved that it's done. I miss the actual wedding more - it was such a wonderful day full of people we love and who love us, and it felt really special. Some people who follow me on here know that I haven't had the best track record with family members accepting my relationship/identity, and although I don't need anyone's approval to be with Cara, it felt wonderful to know how much support and love surrounds us. The thing that's made married life noticeably different so far is I'm still feeling the ripples from that day, remembering how happy it was and how kind everyone was to us.

And of course Cara herself is as perfect as ever, and a constant delight, and I'm so excited to see where we go next.
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An update!

1) The wedding! It was lovely! A really fun, informal, loving day, full of friends and family and niceness. A few pics here on my Tumblr for anyone curious. [personal profile] carawj looked beautiful, everyone else looked really cool too (seriously we have some well-dressed friends), my dress was floofy, everyone was nice, there was cake and dancing, and I'm still getting warm fuzzies thinking about it. Plus the three days in the Lake District afterwards were lovely. Couldn't be happier about the whole thing. :)

2) In other real-life news, I'm job hunting again, for really serious this time. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of my life but work-wise I'm going nowhere and I think it's time to do something about it. Mostly looking at editorial stuff, still, although as always I'm toying with the idea of teaching because I love doing it, but put off by all the crap I know comes with it.

3) Yuletide is getting into gear again - I've nominated Tenko, Seraphina, Swallows and Amazons and Moondreamers!

4) I'm pondering a potential vid and I'm looking for ideas - folks, tell me some of your favourite examples of the following in visual media:

* women supporting each other during tough times
* women encouraging each other to be brave
* women being brave in all sorts of ways, with or without help
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I do feel pretty bad for mostly abandoning LJ/DW right when I said I was going to get back into it, but I think I underestimated how much of a time-suck planning a wedding - even a relatively low-key one - is. Plus it's been a pretty busy year generally, but the wedding is the cut-off point after which we don't really have anything planned, and as excited as I am about the wedding, I'm also excited to relax afterwards!

One thing I'm excited about is Nine Worlds this weekend, it's going to be pretty amazing. So torn over exactly what to attend, though!

I've been vaguely keeping up with my circle/friends page, but I'm sure there's stuff I've missed. So everyone - tell me what's the most awesome thing that happened to you recently? (If nothing did, feel free to make something up!)
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[personal profile] carawj did this ages ago and I basically haven't posted since (more on that shortly), so here it is - what I was up to at age 19 versus now (age 27!). Comment if you want an age to do!
I lived in:

Then - A self-catering flat in uni halls. I had a weird trapezium-shaped room with a lovely view of the karaoke bar across the way, one noisy messy obnoxious flatmate, two who mostly kept to themselves, and one who is still one of my very best friends.

Now - [personal profile] carawj and I live together in a little one-bedroom in North London. It's in a nice area - quiet-ish, but with a nice park, good transport links, a few good shops, and close to a lot of our local friends, most of whom are also big fannish dorks, which is nice. The flat itself is lovely and I like it a lot. If we could add on a small extra room (to keep the books in), maybe an airing cupboard, and garden access, I could stay here forever.

I drove:

Then - Nothing - for me a decent computer was a higher priority than driving lessons, so that's what I got, and by this point I wasn't riding my bike much either.

Now - Same! Living in London I find public transport a bit of an annoyance but it's so generally convenient (compared to the buses back in North Wales, anyway) that I haven't felt the need to have my own transport, and anyway if I had the money for driving lessons, there'd still probably be stuff that was more important to do with it.

I was in a relationship with:

Then - Nobody. I dated a bit, fairly unsuccessfully. One guy from the uni sci-fi society basically stalked me until I agreed to go on a date with him, and then tried to guilt me into sex. (I was young and stupid enough to think I owed him a date because of the effort he'd put in wooing me, but I drew the line at that.) Another guy I dated for a little while because he was in a band and I wanted to be the girlfriend of someone in a band, but he had a lot of issues that he basically expected would be cured by the power of my love, and it was too much pressure from someone I was only vaguely into.

Now - I'm marrying [personal profile] carawj in less than five weeks! Being with her for the past four-and-a-half years has been the best adventure ever, and I'm looking forward to it continuing!

I feared:

Then - Never really connecting with anyone romantically. That I might fail the German portion of my degree (as it turned out I dropped it to focus on Russian.) That if people knew who I really was they wouldn't like me.

Now - I fear that I'll get stuck in this nine-to-five thing forever. It's an uncomfortable fear but it keeps me motivated. I fear that this novel I've spent so long working on might never be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. (But if it isn't, that doesn't mean I'll stop trying.)

I worked at:

Then - I was at uni, but I had part-time and holiday jobs here and there. During the summer I worked on a busy pier selling ice-cream and snacks and writing stories on the backs of doughnut bags when it was quiet. When my student loan failed to come through I briefly worked selling double-glazing over the phone, which was pretty horrible.

Now - I'm a subeditor for a media company, mostly writing/editing TV listings for kids' channels. I've been there for a while now and I'm very bored of it, but it pays the bills and it allows me to work from home, which gives me a lot of extra writing time. For now the trade-off is worth it.

I wanted to be:

Then - A glamorous famous jet-setting prize-winning author.

Now - An author who writes diverse, thoughtful stories that appeal to people who often don't see themselves reflected in mainstream literature. I especially want to write YA but I have a few ideas outside that too.
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 Aaargh, so, our wedding reception venue is double-booked, and the alternative they offered us is... not that nice.

We are staying calm and exploring avenues but aargh. I was so pleased to have that part done and dusted.

On the plus side I've been getting a fair bit of writing done this last week or so, which is nice. And it's only a few weeks until the long Easter weekend. And then it's only a couple of weeks until we go to Rome! I would ask for suggestions of what to see, but [personal profile] carawj and the Classicists seem to have it pretty much sewn up. (Eeee old stuff!)
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 Just come back from a super-busy week off - [personal profile] carawj and I spent a few days at my dad's, a couple of days with a friend, and then my dad picked us up again and drove us back down to London, where my dad met Cara's parents for the first time. Then yesterday I visited my cousins who I haven't seen in a couple of years. It was an awesome week of hanging out with people I don't get to see enough, but now I'd quite like another holiday to recover from it!

Right before this was our fourth anniversary! Four years feels like a long time, but in a really good way! We went to the Museum of London for the afternoon to celebrate. I highly recommend it. It's a gorgeous museum with some very thoughtful and fun exhibitions - throughout there's an emphasis on how we can understand history by comparing and contrasting with the present day, and while it's designed to be accessible for kids, it's still fascinating as an adult.

In fandom news, check out this adorable story I got for the [community profile] white_lotus New Year Exchange! Also this gorgeous Adelaide/Becky one from my Yuletide prompts.
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Ahahahaha, yeah, I dropped the ball on this. And on blogging generally. WEDDING. (I will blame the wedding for everything I don't get around to doing until September. But we have a venue now!!)

So, here are the ones I was in the middle of:

Day 11  - Share a favourite piece of original canon and explain why you love it so much.

I know I go on about this, but I love this scene where Deanna beats Data at chess (although the comments on that video are infuriating...). This is one of my favourite kinds of scenes - it's clearly just a joke for the teaser, and it never comes up again, but it speaks volumes. Deanna can beat Data at chess. This suggests vast intelligence and ingenuity than normally we don't see Deanna getting to have. I know the scene is making a point about how sometimes intuition can count for more than knowledge, but even so, Data is, y'know, Data. It would be surprising for anyone on the ship to beat him at a game like chess. (Poker is different because it involves chance.)

I'd rather Deanna and characters like her were more often and more consciously given this sort of character development, but in the absence of that, I really enjoy these kinds of scenes that say a lot without meaning to. If they're not going to give me the scenes I want, then I'm going to work with what they do give me to make up what's missing. And from this scene I deduce that Deanna is a super-genius but just acts low-key about it. (Ask me sometime about my myriad ideas about Betazoid culture based on a few throwaway lines...)

Day 13 - Ask for recs.

Oooh, what to ask for? Well, I'm always on the lookout for more stories about the women of Star Trek. Also at the moment I'm really interested in stories about unconventional relationships - ones for which there's no cultural script to fall back on when deciding what to do and how to behave. So, relationships between people of different species, and how they work. Or between different categories of life forms entirely, like stories about relationships/sex between people and machines, be they androids, cyborgs or spacegoing vessels!

Day 15 - Share a favourite memory about fandom.

It's hard to choose - I've been in fandom for around ten years now and it's been a big part of my life. But I still have a lot of really good memories about Cosmic Cheerleaders, the Yahoo group about women in SF&F that I co-ran with my best friend from school. We had a lot of really great conversations, I connected with people and shared my opinions and feelings on media in a way that I hadn't really been able to before, and some of the people I met there are still my very good friends today. I've since found a lot of fandom spaces where I've felt at home and listened to, but that was the first real fandom community I was in and I still miss it.
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Day 6 - In your own space, pimp three comms or challenges and explain why you love them.

[community profile] where_no_woman / [ profile] where_no_woman  - it's less busy than it used to be, but this community is what jump-started my participation in Trek fandom after a quiet patch, and it's full of intelligent, beautiful stories, vids and meta about the women of the Star Trek franchise. The archives are well worth looking through, they're handily tagged by character and type and basically everything useful. 

[ profile] ds9_rewatch - another one that's quieter than it used to be - I think that's just the nature of rewatch comms though, sometimes. We're on season five now! I don't make it to the chats every week, but I've had some really fun times in this community, and some fascinating and in-depth discussions about DS9 and plenty of other things.

[community profile] halfamoon I know it's kind of an obvious one, but Halfamoon is one of my favourite fannish times of year. For two weeks, the internet is full of people appreciating awesome women characters, and it's always a blast!

Day 7 - In your own space, share something non-fannish about yourself. A passion or a hobby or a talent, something that people might not know about you. We are more than just our fandoms.

Hmm, this is a tricky one because so many of what I consider my talents - writing, vidding, crafting, costuming - are linked with fandom even if that's not necessarily what I'm always doing with them.

I guess there's Russian, although that's not exactly a passion so much as something that turned up in my life almost by accident and never left. I studied Russian at university on more or less a whim, and lived out there for a year as part of my studies. It's been a couple of years since I went back, but I've visited several times since graduation. Partly because while I was out there I taught English at a community of foster families (if anyone is interested in volunteering in Russia, let me know), and I made a lot of friends there. And partly because Russia just sort of gets under your skin (like anywhere, I guess, if you're there long enough). I love the language, I'm fascinated by the culture and history... some of the politics at the moment I find scary and upsetting. But on the whole I love Russia, and I foresee it always playing some part of my life, although I'm not sure I could live there again.

Day 8 - In your own space, talk about setting yourself a fannish goal. Big or small, it doesn't matter. 

Well, one thing I noticed when I looked over my fanworks for 2012 was that I barely vidded at all. A lot of that was down to annoying technology issues that I didn't get around to sorting, but this year I'm determined to do better. I have a huge backlog of vids I've been meaning to make, and I'm really itching to get some of them done. So, I'm going to challenge myself to make six vids this year - not including my Festivids project, which kind of straddled 2012 and 2013. This will include my premiere for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff , which looks like it's going to be my most ambitious vidding project yet. Wish me luck!

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It's been an interesting year.

I don't think I did one of these posts last year, it seems - and I feel like that was partly because I was so glad to see the back of 2011. I remember seeing the new year in and thinking, please, let this one be better.

And you know, it really was. I feel like 2012 was the first time since graduation that I could just concentrate on living my life, without having family stuff to worry about and obsess over. Not that I wasn't still sad sometimes, but it got a lot easier to concentrate on other things.

Not to mention the fact that it's when I redrafted my entire novel, mostly in my lunch hours, and started sending it out to agents. (Right now I'm reworking the beginning ready to start submitting again in the next couple of weeks.) And although I finished the first draft in 2011, 2012 was the year I really got to grips with what I wanted it to be, and what I want to achieve with it.

In 2012 I: saw Sharon Gless and Bonnie Langford live at the theatre (not in the same production!); went to Paris for the first time; baked more things in one go than ever in my life before; had an MRI; went to Croatia; visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour; saw some amazing people live at the Diamond Jubilee concert; went to Folk by the Oak; went to the Edinburgh fringe; moved house; saw lots of the Paralympics; read 86 books; and hung out a lot with some terrific people, and not enough with some others.

Also, obviously, 2012 was the year I got engaged! So that's pretty exciting. :D And I'm looking forward to 2013 being the year I get married!

Also for 2013 I'd like to sell more writing than I sold in 2012 (1 short story), and have a bit more money - that was the one thing that made 2012 not so great.

Let's see what happens.
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So, Christmas was nice, but it's even nicer to be home! I spent four nights at my dad's place in Wales with him and my brother, and mostly amused myself by rereading the entire Princess Diaries series. I only happened to pick one up because they were there and I didn't want to start anything big before the inevitable books for Christmas, but I got really sucked in.

Extended rambling about why they're so great... )

In other Christmas news, [personal profile] carawj gives the best presents! I got an awesome poster and t-shirt and many books and I feel like I'm just sitting in a pile of awesome stuff and I don't know what to play with first! 

Also, Yuletide! I got two fics! Both of them really exciting! :D

First of all I got this one:

The Glass of Champagne - Sally Lockhart Mysteries, Becky/Adelaide
It's fun and sweet and the chemistry between them is perfect, as is the dialogue - like another commenter said, it could be a missing scene from the book! I've wanted something like this for so long and now that I have it I just want to wrap myself in it and read it forever and ever and ever!

Then this one for a treat:

She'll Fly True - Once Upon a Time (In Space), Aurora/Nastya
This is my new benchmark for PWP about people doing it with spaceships. It's super-hot as well as adorable. And I think you can read it even if you don't know the fandom (but if you don't, it's a fandom that's totally worth getting to know!) The first time I read it I was so excited I literally bounced and squeaked.

Hope everyone's having a good festive season!

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So, I've finished work now until 2013! Not going back until January 7th! I'm so thrilled to have a nice long stretch of nothing particular to do. I plan to focus on getting lots of books read, doing some writing, and some craft stuff (with my brand-new sewing machine, aaaah! Early Christmas presents are the awesomest!)

My Christmas shopping is pretty much done. I've been efficient this year - because of the nonsense with my pay date changing, I only really had one payday to work with, so I made sure I did it all as soon as I got paid... 

This is the first Christmas I won't be seeing both of my siblings on the day itself - my sister is spending it with her fiance's family. Feels a little weird but it'll be nice to hang out with my dad and my brother, and I think we might make Christmas dinner anyway, especially since when you're vegetarian it's much less stressful because no turkey etc to worry about. Then my sister comes back on Boxing Day.

Also my Yuletide is finished and posted, although I'm waiting on a second beta from a friend familiar with the fandom! And I have one gift story in the main collection and one in Madness waiting for me! *anticipates*

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 So, I realised I hadn't actually properly posted since I posted about getting engaged, and that was weeks ago!

* Wow, planning a wedding is complicated. I somehow thought everyone else who ever got married in the history of ever was making it up, but it's ALL TRUE. I mean, I understand there are plenty of ways we could have a quiet, simple wedding, but when we both have large families that we love and want to share the day with, it makes it more difficult. Exciting, though!

* Of all the unexpected things, Gilmore Girls has become my new comfort TV. I don't imagine I'll get into the fandom much but it's just really good and low-effort at the end of a long day.

* Really looking forward to Vidukon now the dates have been announced! I need to get cracking on making my premiere. I'm pretty excited about it.

* I'm rereading The Dark Is Rising because it's that time of year. <3

* The last several weeks have been hard work - my pay date changed, and the way they arranged it left me with two weeks' worth of pay to last six weeks, which was no fun. I got my first proper new-date pay at the end of November, and I've mostly spent it on Christmas presents, but hopefully the new year payday will get me back on track.

* Christmas! It's nearly here! Aaaaaaaahhhh! (I like Christmas A LOT, folks.)

* Edit: Forgot to say, and this is interesting - last week I had a root canal, and since then I haven't needed to take any of my TN medication. This could be a coincidence or it could be more. I'm cautiously excited, if a bit annoyed that I was told months ago there was no way it could be connected to anything dental... but TN does go away and come back, so waiting and seeing...
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Since I've met quite a few new people on the friending post *waves* I thought I'd do a little introduction with a bit more about me! So, here goes:

About my journal:

I've been on LJ for the last ten years or so but at the moment I'm crossposting from DW and gradually moving over here. Lately I've been a little quiet but I'm hoping to change that. I post a mixture of fandom stuff and real life stuff. I used to tag properly on LJ, and I'm going to start doing it here too!

About me in fandom:

I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek and it's been one of my primary fandoms for almost all of my life. For a while I cheated on it with Harry Potter fandom (or, more accurately, McGonagall and teacher femslash fandom...) and Doctor Who. Recent fannish discoveries include the Vorkosigan Saga, Warehouse 13 and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In terms of fic etc, I write and read mostly femslash and fem-gen. I multiship and I like some poly relationships as well as a bit of het and m/m now and then. I also vid, and I'm interested to listen to more podfic. Most of my fanworks are HERE.

About my real life:

I live with and am engaged to [personal profile] carawj and I'll probably post about wedding stuff a bit in the next year or so. Most of my RL friends are also pretty fannish (and awesome) so I'll post about them now and then.

I am a sub-editor in media and I find it pretty dull so occasionally I'll rant about my job. My long-term plan is to make a living out of writing, so sometimes I'll talk about that too. Also I talk occasionally about health and family issues.

So, that's me! Hi!
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 So, in spite of my dorky and inept proposal, the other night [ profile] carawj agreed to marry me! I don't know quite what I did to deserve someone so awesome, but there we go. ;D

So yes, very excited over here! :D

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 Oooh, also, I totally forgot, Cara and I went to Folk by the Oak the other weekend - her birthday present to me! It was such good fun, it's only a tiny one-day festival but there was lots going on, plus it was a lovely, sunny day. Music-wise, Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo really grabbed me, as did Cara Dillon, and the Ukuleke Orchestra were lots of fun too. I have to say, I wasn't that impressed by Show of Hands - the music was good but they opened with three unbelievably cynical and miserable songs and I lost patience with it a bit.

On the whole the music was great, but possibly the nicest thing about the day was that we didn't have to do anything apart from turn up and lie around in a field listening to music, reading, snoozing and occasionally getting up for chips and ice cream. We spend so many weekends rushing around doing All The Things, it was really good to have some real down time. (Plus the last couple of years we've been to Cambridge Folk Fest, and although it's always good we spend more time dashing between stages and trying to figure out where we can sit, whereas FbtO was much easier in that respect because it's that much smaller.) 
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So, Cara and I are moving again at the end of August. It's a bit sad because this flat is wonderful, but it's much too expensive for what it is and there are things we'd rather spend the money on, especially when we can get a flat of equivalent size and niceness a ten-minute bus ride down the road.

We've been looking for a few weeks and seen a few things - nothing's been quite right. Yesterday's - which we got up early especially to see - was the most not right of all. I'd called the estate agent to ask about a flat near [tube station in our area that's near where our friends live] and he told me that one wasn't available any more, but he had one that was also near the station that they could show us. He mentioned that it was in a small, attractive block. We thought that sounded ok, so off we went.

We got there (finally - it was twice the distance advertised from the station, and in the wrong direction) and discovered that the block was huge, and on the main road, not a side road as described. We wandered around it and couldn't find the entrance, and spent five minutes trying to find the agent. We finally found him, upon which he tried to let us into the building, and realised he didn't have the right key. After asking some strangers on the corner how to get into the building, he went off and came back a few minutes later with the right key.

The flat we were due to see was number 1. We walked in, and found 2, 3, 4, 5 - no 1. We walked around the entire floor looking for number 1. At this point it dawned on me why the corridors looked familiar - it looked a bit like the hotel from The Shining. Long, gloomy, spooky passageways, eerily silent (possibly accounted for by the millions of To Let signs outside the block). We walked the entire square and came back to the foyer without having found the flat. The agent left us to wait there while he went to have another look. That was when Cara noticed that the residents' post boxes were there... and they started at 2. 

So it ended with us not seeing the flat. If it even exists. I don't think the estate agent was honestly expecting anything other than the resounding 'No!' he got when he asked if we wanted to reschedule.

So, the search continues!

Meanwhile we're busy planning our itinerary for when we got up to the Edinburgh Fringe. And we seem to be accidentally rewatching Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman...
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So, I went to the neurologist the other day! She was really nice. She thought the GP's diagnosis of TN was a bit premature, or at least, I don't have the classic set of symptoms even if I have something roughly similar. But we agreed that since my meds are working fine and my MRI looked good there's no point worrying too much about exactly what it is. We may end up calling it atypical TN for lack of a better phrase.

There are ways to narrow down exactly what it is a bit better, but they mostly involve trying me on different meds and seeing how effective they are. Considering that what I'm on now is really safe and has only mild side-effects, I don't really want to switch to something else that might be harder to deal with unless it becomes necessary.

The tricky part with not knowing exactly what it is, is that there's not really any way of guessing how long it will last. TN generally worsens over time and often requires surgery eventually. But some other types of headache/nerve disorders just go away by themselves. So I've gone from assuming I have a lifelong health problem to... not really having a clue whether I do or not. Which is a bit frustrating.

One good thing is that I'm allowed to vary my dose as I see fit, within reason. So I'm going to halve it starting from today and see if that helps me to keep awake a bit more.

In non-face-based news:

* Finally got my new laptop! I have named her Toph. She is badass. 
* Working from home! It is great! I have like three extra hours in a day!
* We are moving house yet again.
* The Vorkosigan Saga has eaten my brain in the best possible way.
* Cara and I are going to Folk by the Oak this weekend!


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