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Song: Touch the Sky, by Julie Fowlis
Fandom: Multifandom
Warnings: none
Summary: As strong as the seas are stormy, and proud as an eagle’s scream. Pre-teen girls rule the world.
Notes: Most of the sources I used are fairly easy to track down, but here are links to info on a couple of the short films I used - the Facebook page for Little Girl's War Cry, the story of a young Maori girl's experience with domestic violence; and a streaming link for Hoverboard, about a Native American budding inventor who is inspired by Back to the Future.

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Dear Awesome Vidder,

Thank you in advance for making me a vid! \o/ I'm sure I'll love whatever you make, but here are some ideas in case you want some concrete suggestions!

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Two Vids!

Sep. 5th, 2014 08:18 pm
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So, here are two vids! One I just finished today and one I made weeks ago and forgot to post here...

Song: King and Lionheart, Of Monsters and Men
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Length: 4.21
Size: 94mb
Download: HERE and subtitles HERE
Notes: Huge thanks to [personal profile] carawj and [personal profile] shinyjenni for betaing, and touchdownpossum for clip suggestions and cheerleading!

Song: Puppy Love, Dolly Parton
Length: 1:42
Download: HERE and subtitles HERE
Featuring: 101 Dalmatians, Bolt, Beethoven, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Oliver and Company, Wishbone, The Littlest Hobo, Star Trek: Voyager, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Space Buddies, Snow Buddies, The Aristocats, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Little Mermaid, Warehouse 13, The Legend of Korra
Notes: This was a birthday present for [personal profile] carawj ! I’ve been meaning to make it for a while so I’m really pleased I finally got around to it! Apologies for the terrible size/aspect ratio issues, for some reason this one gave me a lot of trouble! (I’m not kidding when I say I really don’t understand the technical side of vidding!)

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 Hello all!

I'm running a Star Trek friendship-themed ficathon... 

Details here...

At the moment we're in the tag nominations stage, so if you're thinking of participating, check out the profile/FAQ and then head over to the tagset and check out which friendships are nominated so far, and nominate any extra ones you might like to write or read about!

Actual sign-ups open on July 12, until July 20! Tell your friends! :)

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 I'm pleased with how Yuletide went this year! I got the most awesome fic - it's Swallows and Amazons fic set during WWII, about Nancy and Dot, and Titty and Peggy, and it's wonderful and sweet and perfect. <3 I don't want to say any more for fear of spoiling it, but it's worth reading if you like wartime stories (and, ahem, lesbians) but don't know the canon well.

I wrote two stories, one M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Charles story and one Liveships/Rain Wilds story about Alise and Amber.

Hope everyone else had a good Yuletide! 
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Hello awesome Galentine's Day person! Thank you in advance for writing something for me!

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For anyone wanting to know, my [community profile] fandom_stocking is HERE!

* * *

[personal profile] amaresu said: Vidding!

Quite a broad topic there! :D 

Like so many people, I started vidding because there was a vid I had to make. When I was living in St Petersburg as part of my year abroad, when I got homesick I  would watch Sarah Jane episodes of Doctor Who. At around the same time I discovered a Cerys Matthews song called Open Roads (Never Said Goodbye). I  realised that it would make an awesome vid, but from previous failed experiments I knew my computer was too slow to handle it. (Someday I will remake that epic Scully sciencing vid that just refused point-blank to render.) So I played the song over and over and thought about what clips would go where, for months, until finally I  got a new computer that could just about run Windows Movie Maker ok.

My next stint in Russia was in a rural community with basically non-existent internet access, and I made some of my next few vids there as a way to amuse myself and make myself feel less lonely. For the first couple of years that I vidded I only made Sarah Jane/Doctor vids - when The Sarah Jane Adventures started I branched out into that, but at first for me vidding was very connected to Sarah Jane and the community at sarahjane_fic on LJ, where I spent most of my fannish time. It wasn't until I dived head-first back into my first fannish love, Star Trek, that I started to branch out a bit, and now I vid mostly Star Trek but also other things now and then.

That was when I realised that vidding, as well as being a fannish activity in many fandoms, was also a fandom in and of itself. It was an interesting change - I went from being basically the only big vidder in a very small pond to discovering that actually there was way more to vidding than I'd thought and that some vidders were hugely popular across fandoms, and some vidders were doing amazing things with special effects that I hadn't even imagined, and some vidders were using vids to make their own narratives, and some vidders were having conventions that were all about vidding! 

Sometimes now when I watch my early vids I cringe a bit, but when I watch that very first vid, it still says exactly what I want it to say, albeit possibly in a different way than I  would choose to say it now. I'm still on a very steep learning curve, vidding-wise, and I don't think I'm naturally talented at it, especially the whooshy, make-it-pretty side, but I do have a lot of fun doing it!
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[personal profile] such_heights said: I know you've had awesome fantasy Star Trek crews before - if you were in charge of bringing back the show for a new 7 year series, what would you like to do with it?

Oooooh, good question! Yup, my dream Star Trek crew is here and I still think it would rock! But more generally... hmm... top of my wishlist are things to do with casting - any Trek series worthy of bearing the name at this point really ought to have at least as many women as men in the cast (and possibly at least one character who was neither male nor female, especially since there's a canonical basis for it, and even more so in the extended canon), wide racial diversity, and at least one queer character whose name is in the main titles - as a bare minimum. Also I'd put more aliens than humans in the main cast, and a less Earth-centric view of Starfleet and the Federation. A non-human captain would be a good place to start with that, I think.

It'd be set on a ship. DS9 is incredible but I'm not sure you could do it again. Things I would borrow from DS9, though - the excellent character development and arc-based plots. I think people expect that much more from sci-fi now than they used to, anyway. I'd like to dig deeper into what it's like to live on a small ship with the same group of people for several years. I'd like things to have consequences, I'd like characters to take their time recovering from things they went through.

I'd also like to steal the epic Bechdel-passiness of Voyager, and the sense of adventure in the unknown. I love love LOVE TNG but sometimes it did feel a little like they were boldly running little errands for the admiralty. The ship in my Trek series would probably not be totally out of reach of the rest of Starfleet, but they also wouldn't often be in a position to get help quickly or come home a lot. Maybe some sort of long-term exploration mission, which could bring them into contact with new allies and adversaries whose issues would lead to interesting storylines.

I'd set it a comfortable amount of time after the end of Voyager (perhaps roughly 15 years or so, so that characters from earlier shows could cameo now and then and be around the right age.) and I'd try to make it not outright contradict at least the more sensible extended universe canon - a lot of people are invested in the continuation books as the story and I'd like for it to fit in, within reason.

Above all, I'd try to keep Star Trek's optimism and hope for the future. I think DS9 did a great job of walking that fine line, telling sometimes quite dark stories but still keeping the overall tone hopeful. A lot of stuff these days seems so grimdark, cynical and pessimistic - Star Trek shouldn't be about that, it should be about imagining a better society, even if it's one that's still far from perfect. So the show would acknowledge the flaws of its characters, of Starfleet and the Federation, but also it should be about trying to figure out how to make the universe a better place.
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 Hello Festividder!

Thanks in advance for making me a vid, I'm really excited about it! Really I'd love absolutely anything for the fandoms I've requested, so feel free to do your own thing, but here are some ideas to help you out if you want!

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Greetings, awesome writer person!

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An update!

1) The wedding! It was lovely! A really fun, informal, loving day, full of friends and family and niceness. A few pics here on my Tumblr for anyone curious. [personal profile] carawj looked beautiful, everyone else looked really cool too (seriously we have some well-dressed friends), my dress was floofy, everyone was nice, there was cake and dancing, and I'm still getting warm fuzzies thinking about it. Plus the three days in the Lake District afterwards were lovely. Couldn't be happier about the whole thing. :)

2) In other real-life news, I'm job hunting again, for really serious this time. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of my life but work-wise I'm going nowhere and I think it's time to do something about it. Mostly looking at editorial stuff, still, although as always I'm toying with the idea of teaching because I love doing it, but put off by all the crap I know comes with it.

3) Yuletide is getting into gear again - I've nominated Tenko, Seraphina, Swallows and Amazons and Moondreamers!

4) I'm pondering a potential vid and I'm looking for ideas - folks, tell me some of your favourite examples of the following in visual media:

* women supporting each other during tough times
* women encouraging each other to be brave
* women being brave in all sorts of ways, with or without help
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 Because why the heck not?

One prompt per comment, you can reply to a prompt or do something without a prompt, more than one fic per prompt is allowed.

Fanworks of any sort are fair game, as are just rambles about how much you love that character.

Post fanworks here, or if you prefer tumblr use the "trek women fest" tag.

Play nice and have fun!

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 Had the most amazing weekend at Nine Worlds! Here's a rundown:

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I do feel pretty bad for mostly abandoning LJ/DW right when I said I was going to get back into it, but I think I underestimated how much of a time-suck planning a wedding - even a relatively low-key one - is. Plus it's been a pretty busy year generally, but the wedding is the cut-off point after which we don't really have anything planned, and as excited as I am about the wedding, I'm also excited to relax afterwards!

One thing I'm excited about is Nine Worlds this weekend, it's going to be pretty amazing. So torn over exactly what to attend, though!

I've been vaguely keeping up with my circle/friends page, but I'm sure there's stuff I've missed. So everyone - tell me what's the most awesome thing that happened to you recently? (If nothing did, feel free to make something up!)
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Song: Bring Me Sunshine, Morecambe and Wise
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Length: 1.51
Size: 64 Mb

This was one of my premieres for Vidukon! It featured in the Unpopular Characters vidshow (which was awesome!)

I have a lot of feelings about Neelix, and it makes me sad that people don’t like him. I think it’s partly because he’s pretty alien-looking and not conventionally attractive, and I think if he was prettier people might have more patience with his arc of starting out being a bit of a jerk (understandably, since his issues with jealousy and reluctance to go into danger stem from some pretty upsetting experiences in his past) and then gradually opening up as he feels more comfortable and safe on Voyager.

I also think it might have something to do with Neelix’s role on the ship. His main function character-wise is to nurture and care for the other characters - both literally in terms of preparing the food they eat, and with advice and a shoulder to cry on. I feel like some people’s distaste for Neelix comes from a place of being uncomfortable with a (as far as we know) straight male character being very happy in a role that’s almost maternal.

Anyway, those are my thinky thoughts, enjoy the vid!

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Song: Something to Talk About, Lucy Lawless
Fandom: Multifandom
Length: 2.07
Size: 22 Mb

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 From basically everyone:

Clicky to see my top tens... )

I had to take all my Fandom Stocking compilations out because they dominated both lists - I sometimes wonder if it would have been better to post all the stories individually but now I've done it this way for so long I kind of don't want to change it?

I don't understand at all why Shuttlecraft Three has the most hits. I honestly think it might be some kind of glitch, since it's a very niche femslash pairing, and it has barely any comments or kudos. And personally I like it ok but I don't think it's one of my best. I'm less surprised that Appearances is at the top since I wrote it right at the height of the initial Vastra/Jenny excitement and it's short and sweet.

Generally not much of this is surprising, but I am kind of impressed that The Greatest Earthbaby in the World made it to the top ten when it's only a couple of months old. Also Starship Trooper is the only vid on there, which make sense - I get the feeling not many people are going to AO3 for vids yet although people are increasingly archiving them on there.
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 When writing about friendships on the AO3, in the relationship field do you tend to use A+B, A & B, A/B, something else, or just not tag it as a relationship at all?
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 Just come back from a super-busy week off - [personal profile] carawj and I spent a few days at my dad's, a couple of days with a friend, and then my dad picked us up again and drove us back down to London, where my dad met Cara's parents for the first time. Then yesterday I visited my cousins who I haven't seen in a couple of years. It was an awesome week of hanging out with people I don't get to see enough, but now I'd quite like another holiday to recover from it!

Right before this was our fourth anniversary! Four years feels like a long time, but in a really good way! We went to the Museum of London for the afternoon to celebrate. I highly recommend it. It's a gorgeous museum with some very thoughtful and fun exhibitions - throughout there's an emphasis on how we can understand history by comparing and contrasting with the present day, and while it's designed to be accessible for kids, it's still fascinating as an adult.

In fandom news, check out this adorable story I got for the [community profile] white_lotus New Year Exchange! Also this gorgeous Adelaide/Becky one from my Yuletide prompts.
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Ahahahaha, yeah, I dropped the ball on this. And on blogging generally. WEDDING. (I will blame the wedding for everything I don't get around to doing until September. But we have a venue now!!)

So, here are the ones I was in the middle of:

Day 11  - Share a favourite piece of original canon and explain why you love it so much.

I know I go on about this, but I love this scene where Deanna beats Data at chess (although the comments on that video are infuriating...). This is one of my favourite kinds of scenes - it's clearly just a joke for the teaser, and it never comes up again, but it speaks volumes. Deanna can beat Data at chess. This suggests vast intelligence and ingenuity than normally we don't see Deanna getting to have. I know the scene is making a point about how sometimes intuition can count for more than knowledge, but even so, Data is, y'know, Data. It would be surprising for anyone on the ship to beat him at a game like chess. (Poker is different because it involves chance.)

I'd rather Deanna and characters like her were more often and more consciously given this sort of character development, but in the absence of that, I really enjoy these kinds of scenes that say a lot without meaning to. If they're not going to give me the scenes I want, then I'm going to work with what they do give me to make up what's missing. And from this scene I deduce that Deanna is a super-genius but just acts low-key about it. (Ask me sometime about my myriad ideas about Betazoid culture based on a few throwaway lines...)

Day 13 - Ask for recs.

Oooh, what to ask for? Well, I'm always on the lookout for more stories about the women of Star Trek. Also at the moment I'm really interested in stories about unconventional relationships - ones for which there's no cultural script to fall back on when deciding what to do and how to behave. So, relationships between people of different species, and how they work. Or between different categories of life forms entirely, like stories about relationships/sex between people and machines, be they androids, cyborgs or spacegoing vessels!

Day 15 - Share a favourite memory about fandom.

It's hard to choose - I've been in fandom for around ten years now and it's been a big part of my life. But I still have a lot of really good memories about Cosmic Cheerleaders, the Yahoo group about women in SF&F that I co-ran with my best friend from school. We had a lot of really great conversations, I connected with people and shared my opinions and feelings on media in a way that I hadn't really been able to before, and some of the people I met there are still my very good friends today. I've since found a lot of fandom spaces where I've felt at home and listened to, but that was the first real fandom community I was in and I still miss it.
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