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Greetings, awesome writer person!

Thanks very much in advance for writing something for me! I'm very excited to see what you come up with and I'd be overjoyed to read anything at all in any of the fandoms I've requested, so if you get inspired for something that doesn't match my suggestions, no worries! Do your thing! This is all just to help you if you want stuff to go on. Also it is totally fine if not all my requested characters are in the fic!

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 I'm pleased with how Yuletide went this year! I got the most awesome fic - it's Swallows and Amazons fic set during WWII, about Nancy and Dot, and Titty and Peggy, and it's wonderful and sweet and perfect. <3 I don't want to say any more for fear of spoiling it, but it's worth reading if you like wartime stories (and, ahem, lesbians) but don't know the canon well.

I wrote two stories, one M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Charles story and one Liveships/Rain Wilds story about Alise and Amber.

Hope everyone else had a good Yuletide! 
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Greetings, awesome writer person!

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An update!

1) The wedding! It was lovely! A really fun, informal, loving day, full of friends and family and niceness. A few pics here on my Tumblr for anyone curious. [personal profile] carawj looked beautiful, everyone else looked really cool too (seriously we have some well-dressed friends), my dress was floofy, everyone was nice, there was cake and dancing, and I'm still getting warm fuzzies thinking about it. Plus the three days in the Lake District afterwards were lovely. Couldn't be happier about the whole thing. :)

2) In other real-life news, I'm job hunting again, for really serious this time. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of my life but work-wise I'm going nowhere and I think it's time to do something about it. Mostly looking at editorial stuff, still, although as always I'm toying with the idea of teaching because I love doing it, but put off by all the crap I know comes with it.

3) Yuletide is getting into gear again - I've nominated Tenko, Seraphina, Swallows and Amazons and Moondreamers!

4) I'm pondering a potential vid and I'm looking for ideas - folks, tell me some of your favourite examples of the following in visual media:

* women supporting each other during tough times
* women encouraging each other to be brave
* women being brave in all sorts of ways, with or without help
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Here's what I wrote for Yuletide:

Awake - Once Upon a Time (in Space), Nastya/Aurora, Briar Rose

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, and I had fun with the binary bits! Also I'm pleased with the response it got considering the size of the fandom, but since it's an awesome fandom that deserves more love, take a look HERE if you like dark, queer, twisty, space-going fairy tale retellings...
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So, Christmas was nice, but it's even nicer to be home! I spent four nights at my dad's place in Wales with him and my brother, and mostly amused myself by rereading the entire Princess Diaries series. I only happened to pick one up because they were there and I didn't want to start anything big before the inevitable books for Christmas, but I got really sucked in.

Extended rambling about why they're so great... )

In other Christmas news, [personal profile] carawj gives the best presents! I got an awesome poster and t-shirt and many books and I feel like I'm just sitting in a pile of awesome stuff and I don't know what to play with first! 

Also, Yuletide! I got two fics! Both of them really exciting! :D

First of all I got this one:

The Glass of Champagne - Sally Lockhart Mysteries, Becky/Adelaide
It's fun and sweet and the chemistry between them is perfect, as is the dialogue - like another commenter said, it could be a missing scene from the book! I've wanted something like this for so long and now that I have it I just want to wrap myself in it and read it forever and ever and ever!

Then this one for a treat:

She'll Fly True - Once Upon a Time (In Space), Aurora/Nastya
This is my new benchmark for PWP about people doing it with spaceships. It's super-hot as well as adorable. And I think you can read it even if you don't know the fandom (but if you don't, it's a fandom that's totally worth getting to know!) The first time I read it I was so excited I literally bounced and squeaked.

Hope everyone's having a good festive season!

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So, I've finished work now until 2013! Not going back until January 7th! I'm so thrilled to have a nice long stretch of nothing particular to do. I plan to focus on getting lots of books read, doing some writing, and some craft stuff (with my brand-new sewing machine, aaaah! Early Christmas presents are the awesomest!)

My Christmas shopping is pretty much done. I've been efficient this year - because of the nonsense with my pay date changing, I only really had one payday to work with, so I made sure I did it all as soon as I got paid... 

This is the first Christmas I won't be seeing both of my siblings on the day itself - my sister is spending it with her fiance's family. Feels a little weird but it'll be nice to hang out with my dad and my brother, and I think we might make Christmas dinner anyway, especially since when you're vegetarian it's much less stressful because no turkey etc to worry about. Then my sister comes back on Boxing Day.

Also my Yuletide is finished and posted, although I'm waiting on a second beta from a friend familiar with the fandom! And I have one gift story in the main collection and one in Madness waiting for me! *anticipates*

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December seems to be going slower than usual. Think it's because this is the first time in six years that I haven't been doing the Sarah Jane advent calendar. It's kind of sad because I really enjoyed doing it and I always got some lovely feedback, but I can't say I miss having to post something every single day. It's making December more relaxing, not constantly trying to work out what's ready to post and when I can get to a computer.

I finally made a proper start on my Yuletide story and I'm liking the direction it's going. At the moment it's coming in a little short, which is always my problem, but I'm having fun with it and I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out in time.

I'm nearly finished with my The Dark is Rising reread. Thoughts under the cut... )

Off to see The Hobbit tonight. I'm quite looking forward to it but I'm nowhere near as excited as most of the other people I know!


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