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Greetings, awesome writer person!

Thanks very much in advance for writing something for me! I'm very excited to see what you come up with and I'd be overjoyed to read anything at all in any of the fandoms I've requested, so if you get inspired for something that doesn't match my suggestions, no worries! Do your thing! This is all just to help you if you want stuff to go on. Also it is totally fine if not all my requested characters are in the fic!

Here are some things I like in fic in general:

* Female friendship, woman being awesome singly and in pairs or groups
* Character studies, back story, finding out what makes characters tick 
* Shenanigans, running around having adventures, silly costumes, disguises
* Characters bonding or discovering themselves through sharing knowledge, skills and interests
* Competence, little kindnesses, people being perceptive about each other's needs

* Cuteness, people having fun being together
* Happy fic, sad fic that's not too sad (ie nothing that's completely unrelentingly miserable all the way through), bittersweet fic, silly fic

Things I'm less keen on:

* I'd prefer not to see strong violence depicted in detail, although fight scenes are fun if they're not too graphic.
* I'd prefer non-con, dub-con and abuse (of all kinds) not to form a large part of the story, but I have no problem with it being alluded to if it's necessary to the plot.
* I'd prefer not to see incest, bestiality or necrophilia.

A note on -isms:

I don't mind if sexism, racism, and other -isms are portrayed in fic as long as they're dealt with. For example, it's ok if someone thinks Character A can't do something because she's a girl, as long as the story as a whole clearly doesn't agree!

Rose Millar, Christina Campbell, Blanche Simmons, Marion Jefferson

I'd love anything about any combination of these characters. I love Blanche/Rose, Rose&Christina, Marion&Christina but basically I'm interested in any combination and also happy to read about the other characters if you feel like bringing any in! Character study or friendship fic or team fic or anything would be awesome.

I'm most familiar with the first two seasons and the first season is my favourite, so something set early-ish would be cool! What I love about this show is the sense of community, the unexpected but vital and sustaining friendships, the way the characters draw on reserves of strength they didn't know they had, the way they still live their lives and do things and have everyday concerns in spite of their circumstances. No need to shy away from the darker side of the story, but overall I
 tend to like optimism in my fic, at least a little bit! I'd love stories that explore how the characters get to know each other and how they deal with life in camp. I'd love a story about Christina finding her place in the group, what Rose is really thinking under all the bravado, Blanche's hidden sensitive side, or Marion's struggle to lead the group.

The Railway Children
Mother, Roberta, The Russian Gentleman

These three characters all really interest me, and I'd love to read a story about any of them, but especially the kids' mother. We only ever see her through the children's eyes - I'd love to know more about how she copes with their situation, what she makes of their new circumstances, how she feels about her writing, what she's doing while the children are having their adventures, how the experience changes her. I'd love to see something exploring her friendship with the Russian Gentleman, considering that in some ways their situations are quite similar. Do they encourage each other? Do they give each other the space to be sad? Also I love her relationship with Bobbie in the book and I think there's always more to explore there. It'd be interesting to see what happens to them after the book - whether they go back to their old life, how they readjust, how Bobbie and her mother support each other through it, what Bobbie feels about how the events of the book changed her.

Steerswoman Series
Rowan, Bel, Keridwen, Zenna

Rowan is my favourite character - I love how her mind works, how methodical and determined she is, how much she relies on logic and science and observable truths. I'd love any sort of Rowan character study. Childhood fic about her meeting with Keridwen and learning about the Steerswomen and figuring stuff out would be awesome, as would anything about her and Zenna (and Ingrud and Janus, if you like!) during their educations. Basically I'd love to see Rowan's talents being developed and her worldview being formed. I'd also love a story about Keridwen's other adventures, or a story about Rowan and Zenna later on in life. As for Bel, I'd love a story about her childhood too - discovering her skill for recitation and storytelling, her life in the Outskirts. I ship Rowan/Bel but I also love them as a friendship and I'd love any story about them and their relationship - enjoying downtime, solving a puzzle together, sharing knowledge, having fun, sharing their cultures.
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