Happy 2014!

Jan. 3rd, 2014 09:32 pm
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Good Things I Did in 2013:

* Spent lots of quality time with good friends
* Lots of writing
* Lots of reading
* Sold a short story, saw another one in print after selling it in late 2012
* Saw Bonnie Langford perform again
* Visited Rome for the first time
* Went to Vidukon, one of my favourite cons ever
* Attended not one but two folk festivals
* Went to Nine Worlds, one of my other favourite cons ever
* GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Seriously you guys it was wicked awesome)
* Pitched to two different literary agents
* Visited the delightful city of Bristol for the first time
* Saw Vienna Teng live
* Went to Bletchley Park
* Sang in my third big concert with my choir

Good Things I Plan/Hope to Do in 2014:

* Spend lots of quality time with good friends, both the ones happily nearby and the ones harder to reach
* Lots of writing
* Lots of reading
* Get a novel published - I've hoped for this at the beginning of every year since I can remember, and I haven't achieved it yet but every year it doesn't happen teaches me more about how I might eventually get there
* Get a new job - my job was ideal until it wasn't. Regardless of how convenient it is in some ways, I need something more interesting and challenging
* Visit Iceland and Japan - the first is coming up in a couple of weeks, the second's in April! We are very spoiled this year
* Attend Vidukon and Nine Worlds, and probably at least one folk festival
* See more live music - Taylor Swift and Dar Williams are already locked in, I'm looking out for more, and I'm also hoping to catch up on some musical theatre soon
* Generally have epic adventures

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[personal profile] parcequelle said: Your relationship to inspiration and ~the writing process~. :D

Ooh, good question! And one that I'm really still figuring out. At the moment I'm in the middle of writing a second novel, having finished a first one and been told by more than one agent that they like it but it's not marketable in its current form. I'm also generally juggling at least a few fics. 

When I'm writing something big, I try to do it in a linear fashion, so that when I get to the most exciting bits it's like a reward. Also it just makes more sense to me that way. I tend to write through a first draft comparatively fast, and then go back and leave notes all over everything, and then tackle them in reverse order of difficulty.

Wow, this got long... )
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[personal profile] carawj did this ages ago and I basically haven't posted since (more on that shortly), so here it is - what I was up to at age 19 versus now (age 27!). Comment if you want an age to do!
I lived in:

Then - A self-catering flat in uni halls. I had a weird trapezium-shaped room with a lovely view of the karaoke bar across the way, one noisy messy obnoxious flatmate, two who mostly kept to themselves, and one who is still one of my very best friends.

Now - [personal profile] carawj and I live together in a little one-bedroom in North London. It's in a nice area - quiet-ish, but with a nice park, good transport links, a few good shops, and close to a lot of our local friends, most of whom are also big fannish dorks, which is nice. The flat itself is lovely and I like it a lot. If we could add on a small extra room (to keep the books in), maybe an airing cupboard, and garden access, I could stay here forever.

I drove:

Then - Nothing - for me a decent computer was a higher priority than driving lessons, so that's what I got, and by this point I wasn't riding my bike much either.

Now - Same! Living in London I find public transport a bit of an annoyance but it's so generally convenient (compared to the buses back in North Wales, anyway) that I haven't felt the need to have my own transport, and anyway if I had the money for driving lessons, there'd still probably be stuff that was more important to do with it.

I was in a relationship with:

Then - Nobody. I dated a bit, fairly unsuccessfully. One guy from the uni sci-fi society basically stalked me until I agreed to go on a date with him, and then tried to guilt me into sex. (I was young and stupid enough to think I owed him a date because of the effort he'd put in wooing me, but I drew the line at that.) Another guy I dated for a little while because he was in a band and I wanted to be the girlfriend of someone in a band, but he had a lot of issues that he basically expected would be cured by the power of my love, and it was too much pressure from someone I was only vaguely into.

Now - I'm marrying [personal profile] carawj in less than five weeks! Being with her for the past four-and-a-half years has been the best adventure ever, and I'm looking forward to it continuing!

I feared:

Then - Never really connecting with anyone romantically. That I might fail the German portion of my degree (as it turned out I dropped it to focus on Russian.) That if people knew who I really was they wouldn't like me.

Now - I fear that I'll get stuck in this nine-to-five thing forever. It's an uncomfortable fear but it keeps me motivated. I fear that this novel I've spent so long working on might never be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. (But if it isn't, that doesn't mean I'll stop trying.)

I worked at:

Then - I was at uni, but I had part-time and holiday jobs here and there. During the summer I worked on a busy pier selling ice-cream and snacks and writing stories on the backs of doughnut bags when it was quiet. When my student loan failed to come through I briefly worked selling double-glazing over the phone, which was pretty horrible.

Now - I'm a subeditor for a media company, mostly writing/editing TV listings for kids' channels. I've been there for a while now and I'm very bored of it, but it pays the bills and it allows me to work from home, which gives me a lot of extra writing time. For now the trade-off is worth it.

I wanted to be:

Then - A glamorous famous jet-setting prize-winning author.

Now - An author who writes diverse, thoughtful stories that appeal to people who often don't see themselves reflected in mainstream literature. I especially want to write YA but I have a few ideas outside that too.
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So, I'm experimenting with crossposting between Dreamwidth and LJ... we'll see how I get on with it...

I've got a bit behind with the internet, what with one thing and another... my new medication is making me really sleepy AND my computer is in bits while Andrew tries to figure out some way to save it, but the outlook isn't good...

Anyways, some lovely bullet points:

* Went back to the doctor, it's still probably trigeminal neuralgia. I'm going for an MRI and to see a neurologist. In the meantime I'm on a slightly higher dose of medication, but the doctor was surprised that that dosage was even keeping the pain under control to the extent that I'm still going to work and socialising, so hopefully that's a good sign! Also I'm getting the hang of the side-effects a bit better - I can stay up late now even though I'm sleeping very soundly, and the dry mouth is just making me drink loads of water which is good for me anyway!

* My birthday! It was good. Cara got us tickets to Folk by the Oak! Dad got me a Kindle. I have named it Zoe. Also Jenni made me amazing TARDIS wrist warmers! And I got books and a pasta maker and a castle and lots of other lovely things! Hurrah!

* My computer. It is not so good. A couple of weeks ago it just stopped working. Andrew says the motherboard is kaput. I need to find out whether I can claim for it on the house insurance, since I sure as hell can't afford a new one right now. Luckily Cara is very generous when it comes to letting me use hers.

* Writing. I wanted to be finished with my second draft by now, but being ill set me back a bit. But I'm onto the final section, and I've decided to change it around a fair bit. I'm still hoping to have a good second draft by the beginning of May.

* We're off to Croatia soon! Only for a few days, but I'm looking forward to it a lot. Plus we're taking a couple of days off after too, I'm looking forward to the chance to relax, and also to get some stuff done.

Right, off to catch up on AAAAAAALL the internet. How are you all?


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