Jan. 3rd, 2014

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 I'm pleased with how Yuletide went this year! I got the most awesome fic - it's Swallows and Amazons fic set during WWII, about Nancy and Dot, and Titty and Peggy, and it's wonderful and sweet and perfect. <3 I don't want to say any more for fear of spoiling it, but it's worth reading if you like wartime stories (and, ahem, lesbians) but don't know the canon well.

I wrote two stories, one M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Charles story and one Liveships/Rain Wilds story about Alise and Amber.

Hope everyone else had a good Yuletide! 

Happy 2014!

Jan. 3rd, 2014 09:32 pm
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Good Things I Did in 2013:

* Spent lots of quality time with good friends
* Lots of writing
* Lots of reading
* Sold a short story, saw another one in print after selling it in late 2012
* Saw Bonnie Langford perform again
* Visited Rome for the first time
* Went to Vidukon, one of my favourite cons ever
* Attended not one but two folk festivals
* Went to Nine Worlds, one of my other favourite cons ever
* GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Seriously you guys it was wicked awesome)
* Pitched to two different literary agents
* Visited the delightful city of Bristol for the first time
* Saw Vienna Teng live
* Went to Bletchley Park
* Sang in my third big concert with my choir

Good Things I Plan/Hope to Do in 2014:

* Spend lots of quality time with good friends, both the ones happily nearby and the ones harder to reach
* Lots of writing
* Lots of reading
* Get a novel published - I've hoped for this at the beginning of every year since I can remember, and I haven't achieved it yet but every year it doesn't happen teaches me more about how I might eventually get there
* Get a new job - my job was ideal until it wasn't. Regardless of how convenient it is in some ways, I need something more interesting and challenging
* Visit Iceland and Japan - the first is coming up in a couple of weeks, the second's in April! We are very spoiled this year
* Attend Vidukon and Nine Worlds, and probably at least one folk festival
* See more live music - Taylor Swift and Dar Williams are already locked in, I'm looking out for more, and I'm also hoping to catch up on some musical theatre soon
* Generally have epic adventures

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[personal profile] shinyjenni said: If you were given the chance of creating a totally new TV show, and it couldn't be related to any existing one, what would it be like?

Ooh! These sorts of questions are so hard because they call for specificity when it's much easier to make a long list of all the possible things that I'd want to cram in!

Hmm... if I was doing it right now, I'd probably want it to be a space show, because I miss space shows, dammit! All the genre TV right now is urban fantasy or zombies or somesuch, and while that's awesome, space is just really cool. So yes, it would be a space show, but totally different from Star Trek because only Star Trek can be Star Trek.

Tonally I'd want it to have something of Star Trek's optimism though - maybe the future isn't perfect, but everyone tries their best. I'd also want it to have some of the weirdness of Farscape, the dramatic weight of BSG and the mundane ordinary-folk-in-space-ness of Red Dwarf or Futurama or Firefly or Space Precinct.

Obviously the next step is to add lots of ladies. So an ensemble show, with scope for lots of different roles and types of people. I was thinking of making it about a space shipping/delivery business but then I realised that basically is Futurama, so, hmm. But you know what, this is all just imagining right now, so I can fill in those details later. What matters is that there are a bunch of ladies of various ages, appearances and backgrounds hanging out in space together, having friendships and rivalries and professional disagreements and surprise parties and families and sex and book clubs. And it's funny but sometimes it's serious but never too serious and everybody gets an acceptable amount of character development. And then it gets seven seasons and a movie. (Yes, I know it's "six seasons and a movie" but I was raised on Star Trek and Buffy.)

(Ask me again tomorrow and I'll probably have five other totally different ideas.)


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