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 So, I realised I hadn't actually properly posted since I posted about getting engaged, and that was weeks ago!

* Wow, planning a wedding is complicated. I somehow thought everyone else who ever got married in the history of ever was making it up, but it's ALL TRUE. I mean, I understand there are plenty of ways we could have a quiet, simple wedding, but when we both have large families that we love and want to share the day with, it makes it more difficult. Exciting, though!

* Of all the unexpected things, Gilmore Girls has become my new comfort TV. I don't imagine I'll get into the fandom much but it's just really good and low-effort at the end of a long day.

* Really looking forward to Vidukon now the dates have been announced! I need to get cracking on making my premiere. I'm pretty excited about it.

* I'm rereading The Dark Is Rising because it's that time of year. <3

* The last several weeks have been hard work - my pay date changed, and the way they arranged it left me with two weeks' worth of pay to last six weeks, which was no fun. I got my first proper new-date pay at the end of November, and I've mostly spent it on Christmas presents, but hopefully the new year payday will get me back on track.

* Christmas! It's nearly here! Aaaaaaaahhhh! (I like Christmas A LOT, folks.)

* Edit: Forgot to say, and this is interesting - last week I had a root canal, and since then I haven't needed to take any of my TN medication. This could be a coincidence or it could be more. I'm cautiously excited, if a bit annoyed that I was told months ago there was no way it could be connected to anything dental... but TN does go away and come back, so waiting and seeing...
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So, I went to the neurologist the other day! She was really nice. She thought the GP's diagnosis of TN was a bit premature, or at least, I don't have the classic set of symptoms even if I have something roughly similar. But we agreed that since my meds are working fine and my MRI looked good there's no point worrying too much about exactly what it is. We may end up calling it atypical TN for lack of a better phrase.

There are ways to narrow down exactly what it is a bit better, but they mostly involve trying me on different meds and seeing how effective they are. Considering that what I'm on now is really safe and has only mild side-effects, I don't really want to switch to something else that might be harder to deal with unless it becomes necessary.

The tricky part with not knowing exactly what it is, is that there's not really any way of guessing how long it will last. TN generally worsens over time and often requires surgery eventually. But some other types of headache/nerve disorders just go away by themselves. So I've gone from assuming I have a lifelong health problem to... not really having a clue whether I do or not. Which is a bit frustrating.

One good thing is that I'm allowed to vary my dose as I see fit, within reason. So I'm going to halve it starting from today and see if that helps me to keep awake a bit more.

In non-face-based news:

* Finally got my new laptop! I have named her Toph. She is badass. 
* Working from home! It is great! I have like three extra hours in a day!
* We are moving house yet again.
* The Vorkosigan Saga has eaten my brain in the best possible way.
* Cara and I are going to Folk by the Oak this weekend!


May. 21st, 2012 07:14 pm
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So, um, yes, I sort of forgot I had a Dreamwidth. Or a LiveJournal. Or a, y'know, most of the internet in general. To be fair I've been quite busy. Sometime this evening I plan to go back over my sparse DW reading list (what is it even called? I know you're not supposed to say "friends page") and find out what I've missed! But for now, an update.

Health - Went for an MRI - it was noisy and a bit scary but I got to see a picture of my brain and it looked... like a brain. Apparently as far as they can tell it is a normal brain, doing what normal brains do, which is a relief as apparently especially in people my age TN can be caused by cysts and tumours etc. But apparently I just have the regular "we don't know WTF causes it" kind. Anyways my medication seems to be calming down a bit and I'm seeing a neurologist soonish.

Writing - I was all "Ta-da! I have finished my second draft and now it just needs polishing and tinkering!" and then I pulled at a loose thread and half of it unravelled, so, fun and games with that but I'm getting there, I think...

Adventuring - We went to Croatia for a few days! Much fun was had. Everyone else had lots of ice creams and since I can't I pulled off the grand feat of three candy flosses in one day. Also did you know you can dip chips (ie fries) in chocolate sauce and it really, really works? ALSO the other day we  went on the Harry Potter studio tour for a friend's birthday and it was, dare I say it, magical. If expensive. But mostly magical! :D

Work - I'm looking desperately for something new, I'm heartily sick of my job, but in the meantime I'm working from home again permanently after JUne 11th. I'll go in on Wednesdays but that's it. And now I really want to find a new job before they install all the extra computer equipment they've promised me...

Speaking of computer equipment - My laptop is off with the insurance's repair people to verify the fact that she's dead as a doornail. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get a payout for a new one. In the meantime Cara is being incredibly generous with hers. <3

Avatar/Korra - I am so sad that I finished Avatar because I wanted it never to end. But I'm really enjoying Korra so far! I love how Korra's journey is so different to Aang's - it's not just a new setting and time, they're both in completely different places and need to learn totally different lessons. Also Lin. Lin!!

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So, I'm experimenting with crossposting between Dreamwidth and LJ... we'll see how I get on with it...

I've got a bit behind with the internet, what with one thing and another... my new medication is making me really sleepy AND my computer is in bits while Andrew tries to figure out some way to save it, but the outlook isn't good...

Anyways, some lovely bullet points:

* Went back to the doctor, it's still probably trigeminal neuralgia. I'm going for an MRI and to see a neurologist. In the meantime I'm on a slightly higher dose of medication, but the doctor was surprised that that dosage was even keeping the pain under control to the extent that I'm still going to work and socialising, so hopefully that's a good sign! Also I'm getting the hang of the side-effects a bit better - I can stay up late now even though I'm sleeping very soundly, and the dry mouth is just making me drink loads of water which is good for me anyway!

* My birthday! It was good. Cara got us tickets to Folk by the Oak! Dad got me a Kindle. I have named it Zoe. Also Jenni made me amazing TARDIS wrist warmers! And I got books and a pasta maker and a castle and lots of other lovely things! Hurrah!

* My computer. It is not so good. A couple of weeks ago it just stopped working. Andrew says the motherboard is kaput. I need to find out whether I can claim for it on the house insurance, since I sure as hell can't afford a new one right now. Luckily Cara is very generous when it comes to letting me use hers.

* Writing. I wanted to be finished with my second draft by now, but being ill set me back a bit. But I'm onto the final section, and I've decided to change it around a fair bit. I'm still hoping to have a good second draft by the beginning of May.

* We're off to Croatia soon! Only for a few days, but I'm looking forward to it a lot. Plus we're taking a couple of days off after too, I'm looking forward to the chance to relax, and also to get some stuff done.

Right, off to catch up on AAAAAAALL the internet. How are you all?


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