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[personal profile] tellitslant said: Places you would like to travel and why.

Good question! And there's a long, long list that boils down to 1) places I've never been before; 2) places I've been to and loved; 3) places where people I love are.

Starting with number three and working out from nearest to furthest - I'm grateful that my immediate family live on the same small island I do, but it makes me sad that even so the prices of trains make it difficult for me to get back to North Wales more than a handful of times a year. I would love to be able to go there more often, and to Nottingham where a couple of my best friends still are.

I used to go to Russia every year, but it sucked me dry financially every time. I'm not sure when I'm going back, especially given recent developments there.

Most other people I wish I could visit more/ever are in Australia or the USA or Canada.  *waves at you all*

Number two, places I've been to and loved - again, Russia. The things going on there at the moment are so troubling, but I did a lot of growing up while I was living there and St Petersburg especially is one of my cities, y'know? Also, knowing [personal profile] carawj has given me a taste for Italy - I've been to Amalfi, Naples, Pompeii and Rome, and I could stand to see more. I've also been fortunate enough to have [personal profile] silly_cleo show me Athens, and as much as I liked it just as a place, what I really bonded with was the food. If I could eat Greek all the time I would be perfectly happy. So much yummy cheese and veg! (To be fair, the part of London I live in should make this easier!)

Places I've never been - where do I start? Well, the US, I suppose - I'd love to go to Boston, and New York, and San Francisco, and Dollywood and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'd love to go to Canada and make a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island. I studied German for years and never got around to going to Germany, and I'd really love to. Basically, though, anywhere I haven't been yet, I'd really like to because I like new places! And I was going to say Japan and then I realised that I am going there, in a few months! Also I'm going to Iceland in like a matter of weeks! And I've been out of the country at least once most years for the last several, which is really damn lucky and an awesome position to be in.


May. 21st, 2012 07:14 pm
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So, um, yes, I sort of forgot I had a Dreamwidth. Or a LiveJournal. Or a, y'know, most of the internet in general. To be fair I've been quite busy. Sometime this evening I plan to go back over my sparse DW reading list (what is it even called? I know you're not supposed to say "friends page") and find out what I've missed! But for now, an update.

Health - Went for an MRI - it was noisy and a bit scary but I got to see a picture of my brain and it looked... like a brain. Apparently as far as they can tell it is a normal brain, doing what normal brains do, which is a relief as apparently especially in people my age TN can be caused by cysts and tumours etc. But apparently I just have the regular "we don't know WTF causes it" kind. Anyways my medication seems to be calming down a bit and I'm seeing a neurologist soonish.

Writing - I was all "Ta-da! I have finished my second draft and now it just needs polishing and tinkering!" and then I pulled at a loose thread and half of it unravelled, so, fun and games with that but I'm getting there, I think...

Adventuring - We went to Croatia for a few days! Much fun was had. Everyone else had lots of ice creams and since I can't I pulled off the grand feat of three candy flosses in one day. Also did you know you can dip chips (ie fries) in chocolate sauce and it really, really works? ALSO the other day we  went on the Harry Potter studio tour for a friend's birthday and it was, dare I say it, magical. If expensive. But mostly magical! :D

Work - I'm looking desperately for something new, I'm heartily sick of my job, but in the meantime I'm working from home again permanently after JUne 11th. I'll go in on Wednesdays but that's it. And now I really want to find a new job before they install all the extra computer equipment they've promised me...

Speaking of computer equipment - My laptop is off with the insurance's repair people to verify the fact that she's dead as a doornail. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get a payout for a new one. In the meantime Cara is being incredibly generous with hers. <3

Avatar/Korra - I am so sad that I finished Avatar because I wanted it never to end. But I'm really enjoying Korra so far! I love how Korra's journey is so different to Aang's - it's not just a new setting and time, they're both in completely different places and need to learn totally different lessons. Also Lin. Lin!!


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