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 I'm running a history-themed vidshow for this year's VidUKon, and I'm currently looking for recs!

I'm after any and all vids with historical settings, but I'm especially keen to hear ideas about less popular historical eras, non-Western history and marginalised people in history, since I figure those will probably be harder to track down and I want to have a broad variety of things!

You are very much encouraged to self-rec if you have something you think might fit the bill! :D
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Song: Long Live, Taylor Swift
Fandom: Star Trek
Length: 5.19
Size: 120mb
Download: HERE and subtitles HERE
Summary: Long live all the magic we made.
Notes: This vid wouldn't have been possible without [personal profile] silly_cleo - not only did she find the song, she also spent what amounted to literally hours making spreadsheets to help me with the structure! Huge thanks also to [personal profile] carawj for support and viewing of multiple drafts! And thanks to everyone who gave encouragement and suggestions throughout! :)
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Song: In the 99, by Vienna Teng
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Length: 3.35
Size: 76.16 Mb
HERE and subtitles HERE
Summary: Effie, Katniss, the Districts and the Capitol.
Content Notes: Violence consistent with canon (ie, quite a lot implied and shown in brief snippets, but nothing graphic up close). Lots of fast cuts, blurry/jerky motion etc.ual setting
Vidder's Notes: This was made as part of the
Aims Vid Album, a project to vid all the songs on Vienna Teng's new album. Check out the masterpost for more information. Thanks to [profile] shinyjenni for betaing and [personal profile] carawj and [personal profile] silly_cleo for helpful comments and support!

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So it looks like I’m making a Pride-themed vidshow for Vidukon, the awesome vidding convention happening in Cardiff in June!

I’m looking for suggestions for vids to include - I need vids that explore queer/LGBTIA/GSM identities and relationships of all kinds.

I’d love any and all suggestions, especially things that are harder to find (in both media generally and vids) - trans characters, asexual characters, people that aren’t two pretty white dudes (although if you know of something with two pretty white dudes that would be a good fit, do please suggest that too!).

Any ideas?


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For anyone wanting to know, my [community profile] fandom_stocking is HERE!

* * *

[personal profile] amaresu said: Vidding!

Quite a broad topic there! :D 

Like so many people, I started vidding because there was a vid I had to make. When I was living in St Petersburg as part of my year abroad, when I got homesick I  would watch Sarah Jane episodes of Doctor Who. At around the same time I discovered a Cerys Matthews song called Open Roads (Never Said Goodbye). I  realised that it would make an awesome vid, but from previous failed experiments I knew my computer was too slow to handle it. (Someday I will remake that epic Scully sciencing vid that just refused point-blank to render.) So I played the song over and over and thought about what clips would go where, for months, until finally I  got a new computer that could just about run Windows Movie Maker ok.

My next stint in Russia was in a rural community with basically non-existent internet access, and I made some of my next few vids there as a way to amuse myself and make myself feel less lonely. For the first couple of years that I vidded I only made Sarah Jane/Doctor vids - when The Sarah Jane Adventures started I branched out into that, but at first for me vidding was very connected to Sarah Jane and the community at sarahjane_fic on LJ, where I spent most of my fannish time. It wasn't until I dived head-first back into my first fannish love, Star Trek, that I started to branch out a bit, and now I vid mostly Star Trek but also other things now and then.

That was when I realised that vidding, as well as being a fannish activity in many fandoms, was also a fandom in and of itself. It was an interesting change - I went from being basically the only big vidder in a very small pond to discovering that actually there was way more to vidding than I'd thought and that some vidders were hugely popular across fandoms, and some vidders were doing amazing things with special effects that I hadn't even imagined, and some vidders were using vids to make their own narratives, and some vidders were having conventions that were all about vidding! 

Sometimes now when I watch my early vids I cringe a bit, but when I watch that very first vid, it still says exactly what I want it to say, albeit possibly in a different way than I  would choose to say it now. I'm still on a very steep learning curve, vidding-wise, and I don't think I'm naturally talented at it, especially the whooshy, make-it-pretty side, but I do have a lot of fun doing it!
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An update!

1) The wedding! It was lovely! A really fun, informal, loving day, full of friends and family and niceness. A few pics here on my Tumblr for anyone curious. [personal profile] carawj looked beautiful, everyone else looked really cool too (seriously we have some well-dressed friends), my dress was floofy, everyone was nice, there was cake and dancing, and I'm still getting warm fuzzies thinking about it. Plus the three days in the Lake District afterwards were lovely. Couldn't be happier about the whole thing. :)

2) In other real-life news, I'm job hunting again, for really serious this time. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of my life but work-wise I'm going nowhere and I think it's time to do something about it. Mostly looking at editorial stuff, still, although as always I'm toying with the idea of teaching because I love doing it, but put off by all the crap I know comes with it.

3) Yuletide is getting into gear again - I've nominated Tenko, Seraphina, Swallows and Amazons and Moondreamers!

4) I'm pondering a potential vid and I'm looking for ideas - folks, tell me some of your favourite examples of the following in visual media:

* women supporting each other during tough times
* women encouraging each other to be brave
* women being brave in all sorts of ways, with or without help
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Song: Bring Me Sunshine, Morecambe and Wise
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Length: 1.51
Size: 64 Mb

This was one of my premieres for Vidukon! It featured in the Unpopular Characters vidshow (which was awesome!)

I have a lot of feelings about Neelix, and it makes me sad that people don’t like him. I think it’s partly because he’s pretty alien-looking and not conventionally attractive, and I think if he was prettier people might have more patience with his arc of starting out being a bit of a jerk (understandably, since his issues with jealousy and reluctance to go into danger stem from some pretty upsetting experiences in his past) and then gradually opening up as he feels more comfortable and safe on Voyager.

I also think it might have something to do with Neelix’s role on the ship. His main function character-wise is to nurture and care for the other characters - both literally in terms of preparing the food they eat, and with advice and a shoulder to cry on. I feel like some people’s distaste for Neelix comes from a place of being uncomfortable with a (as far as we know) straight male character being very happy in a role that’s almost maternal.

Anyway, those are my thinky thoughts, enjoy the vid!

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Song: Something to Talk About, Lucy Lawless
Fandom: Multifandom
Length: 2.07
Size: 22 Mb

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Day 6 - In your own space, pimp three comms or challenges and explain why you love them.

[community profile] where_no_woman / [ profile] where_no_woman  - it's less busy than it used to be, but this community is what jump-started my participation in Trek fandom after a quiet patch, and it's full of intelligent, beautiful stories, vids and meta about the women of the Star Trek franchise. The archives are well worth looking through, they're handily tagged by character and type and basically everything useful. 

[ profile] ds9_rewatch - another one that's quieter than it used to be - I think that's just the nature of rewatch comms though, sometimes. We're on season five now! I don't make it to the chats every week, but I've had some really fun times in this community, and some fascinating and in-depth discussions about DS9 and plenty of other things.

[community profile] halfamoon I know it's kind of an obvious one, but Halfamoon is one of my favourite fannish times of year. For two weeks, the internet is full of people appreciating awesome women characters, and it's always a blast!

Day 7 - In your own space, share something non-fannish about yourself. A passion or a hobby or a talent, something that people might not know about you. We are more than just our fandoms.

Hmm, this is a tricky one because so many of what I consider my talents - writing, vidding, crafting, costuming - are linked with fandom even if that's not necessarily what I'm always doing with them.

I guess there's Russian, although that's not exactly a passion so much as something that turned up in my life almost by accident and never left. I studied Russian at university on more or less a whim, and lived out there for a year as part of my studies. It's been a couple of years since I went back, but I've visited several times since graduation. Partly because while I was out there I taught English at a community of foster families (if anyone is interested in volunteering in Russia, let me know), and I made a lot of friends there. And partly because Russia just sort of gets under your skin (like anywhere, I guess, if you're there long enough). I love the language, I'm fascinated by the culture and history... some of the politics at the moment I find scary and upsetting. But on the whole I love Russia, and I foresee it always playing some part of my life, although I'm not sure I could live there again.

Day 8 - In your own space, talk about setting yourself a fannish goal. Big or small, it doesn't matter. 

Well, one thing I noticed when I looked over my fanworks for 2012 was that I barely vidded at all. A lot of that was down to annoying technology issues that I didn't get around to sorting, but this year I'm determined to do better. I have a huge backlog of vids I've been meaning to make, and I'm really itching to get some of them done. So, I'm going to challenge myself to make six vids this year - not including my Festivids project, which kind of straddled 2012 and 2013. This will include my premiere for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff , which looks like it's going to be my most ambitious vidding project yet. Wish me luck!

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(Sorry this didn't go up right away, I am useless!)

Killer Queen, Queen
Fandom: Red
Length: 2.40
Size: 58 Mb
Warnings: canon violence

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 So, I realised I hadn't actually properly posted since I posted about getting engaged, and that was weeks ago!

* Wow, planning a wedding is complicated. I somehow thought everyone else who ever got married in the history of ever was making it up, but it's ALL TRUE. I mean, I understand there are plenty of ways we could have a quiet, simple wedding, but when we both have large families that we love and want to share the day with, it makes it more difficult. Exciting, though!

* Of all the unexpected things, Gilmore Girls has become my new comfort TV. I don't imagine I'll get into the fandom much but it's just really good and low-effort at the end of a long day.

* Really looking forward to Vidukon now the dates have been announced! I need to get cracking on making my premiere. I'm pretty excited about it.

* I'm rereading The Dark Is Rising because it's that time of year. <3

* The last several weeks have been hard work - my pay date changed, and the way they arranged it left me with two weeks' worth of pay to last six weeks, which was no fun. I got my first proper new-date pay at the end of November, and I've mostly spent it on Christmas presents, but hopefully the new year payday will get me back on track.

* Christmas! It's nearly here! Aaaaaaaahhhh! (I like Christmas A LOT, folks.)

* Edit: Forgot to say, and this is interesting - last week I had a root canal, and since then I haven't needed to take any of my TN medication. This could be a coincidence or it could be more. I'm cautiously excited, if a bit annoyed that I was told months ago there was no way it could be connected to anything dental... but TN does go away and come back, so waiting and seeing...
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Song: Here We Come A-Wassailing, Kate Rusby
Fandom: Multifandom
Length: 2.45
Size: 60 Mb
Warnings: None


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