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 Watching Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy - yay for Star Trek all day on CBS Action! I'm always torn about this episode because there are so many fun bits, but I feel so embarrassed on the Doctor's behalf. While I was watching I was cringing at all the bits where the Doctor has elaborate fantasies about all the women on the ship being in love with him, and I was thinking - how immature. And then I thought - YES - why would the Doctor's fantasies be anything else? He might be programmed with vast medical knowledge, but in terms of his personal development he might as well be a teenager, and I think it's easy to forget that because he's played by a mature actor. 

That's why I think he and Seven are a good match - they're both massively intelligent but in terms of personal development and social skills they both still have a lot to learn, and they can do that together. (Incidentally this is why I think Seven and Sarina Douglas are also an excellent match.) I can see why some people find it sort of creepy, because from the outside it looks like an imbalanced older man/younger woman dynamic - but the Doctor's overzealousness is a consequence of youthful inexperience more than anything else.

Anyway, those are some ramblings from my brain. Also the other day I made this fantasy cast for an imaginary Trek series and now I'm bummed that it isn't real. ;)


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