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So, this year for Festivids I received not one but two absolutely wonderful M*A*S*H vids! This one is an utterly gorgeous and perfect Margaret character study, and this one is a thoughtful and lovely Father Mulcahy one. I love them both so ridiculously much! <3

As to what I made, this year I made four! I had loads of fun with my assignment and I also made treats for the first time! \o/ Thanks to [personal profile] carawj for her epic patience and assistance during this process! Here they all are (subtitles coming later since I am slooooow):

Song: You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, Annie Cast (1982)
Fandom: The Addams Family Films
Length: 2.03
Size: 71.5 mb
Download: HERE
Summary: When Wednesday Addams smiles... be afraid.
Content Notes:
some flashing, cartoonish violence/murder attempts, vague allusions to self-harm and suicide, large quantities of fake blood, white people dressing in Native American costume

Song: Beth Yw'r Haf i Mi, by Catrin Finch 
Fandom: Maleficent
Length: 2.10
Size: 107 mb
Download: HERE
Summary: Maleficent looks back on her relationship with Aurora.
Content Notes:
some flashes in transitions

Song: Flash, Bang, Wallop, by Tommy Steele
Fandom: Pole to Pole (Michael Palin's travel shows)
Length: 2.01
Size: 72 mb
Download: HERE
Summary: "I always wanted to be and explorer, but... it seemed I was doomed to be nothing more than a very silly person." - Michael Palin.
Content Notes:

Song: Perfect Day, by Miriam Stockley
Fandom: Swallows and Amazons (1974)
Length: 2.08
Size: 74 mb
Download: HERE
Summary: All of this world is for children who play.
Content Notes:


Date: 2015-02-15 07:21 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] blithesea_dw
Hiya, the download link for Michael Palin seems to be pointing to "Beth Yw'r Haf i Mi", could you fix it? Youtube wouldn't let me see "Flash, Bang, Wallop" because of stupid regional restrictions, so I was waiting to catch the download.

Date: 2015-03-01 10:09 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] blithesea_dw
Thank you! That was charming!

Date: 2015-03-10 05:26 pm (UTC)
swizzlespoon: picture of swizzlespoons in different bright metallic colors (Default)
From: [personal profile] swizzlespoon
The download link for the Addams Family vid is pointing to the Maleficent vid. :-(

Date: 2015-03-11 08:20 pm (UTC)
astrothsknot: (Default)
From: [personal profile] astrothsknot
The Malefiecent vid is awesome. It so catches them and how conflicted she is.

I giggled through the Addams family one. I've had a bad day and it cheered me right up


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