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Dear Awesome Galentine's Day Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with! I'd be thrilled with anything for any of the characters I've requested, but here are some ideas to get you started!

Here are some things I like in fic in general:

* Female friendship, woman being awesome singly and in pairs or groups
* All the ladies going for drinks etc
* Character studies, back story, finding out what makes characters tick 
* Shenanigans, running around having adventures, silly costumes, disguises
* Characters bonding or discovering themselves through sharing knowledge, skills and interests
* Competence, little kindnesses, people being perceptive about each other's needs

* Cuteness, people having fun being together
* Happy fic, sad fic that's not too sad (ie nothing that's completely unrelentingly miserable all the way through), bittersweet fic, silly fic

Things I'm less keen on:

* I'd prefer not to see strong violence depicted in detail, although fight scenes are fun if they're not too graphic.
* I'd prefer non-con, dub-con and abuse (of all kinds) not to form a large part of the story, but I have no problem with it being alluded to if it's necessary to the plot.
* anything about difficult/antagonistic mother-daughter relationships

I love femslash but I'm really in a friendship space at the moment, so I'd prefer friendship fic over femslash for all of these unless there's something you feel really needs it!

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher, Deanna Troi, Guinan, Tasha Yar, Keiko O'Brien

Any combination of these ladies would rock, but here are a few thoughts:
Beverly and Deanna hurt/comfort, either way around, heavy on the comfort; Beverly and Deanna working together or solving a problem together; any combination of Beverly and Deanna and Guinan hanging out gossiping or talking about their lives; Beverly and Keiko bonding over their shared love of botany; Deanna and Tasha being friends in spite of how different they are; all of them having drinks/on a mission together/stuck in a turbolift. Plus obviously no pressure since she wasn't nominated, but if you like Pulaski too, I always like to see her with Deanna!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, Keiko O'Brien, Kasidy Yates, Leeta

Same as before, I'd love anything, but some ideas:
Jadzia and Keiko's friendship, or maybe something about them both being scientists; Kira and Keiko hanging out, either bonding over Kirayoshi or spending some time together that's not about that; Keiko and Kasidy bonding over having partners on the crew; something that expands on Kira and Leeta's briefly seen friendship; ditto Jadzia and Leeta's friendship.

Star Trek: Voyager
Kathryn Janeway, B'Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, Naomi Wildman, Samantha Wildman, Kes

Again, any combination would be great, but suggestions:
An exploration of Janeway's mentorship of B'Elanna; how Seven and Samantha relate to each other because of Naomi; Janeway and Seven friendship; Janeway, Kes and B'Elanna all hanging out or doing cool stuff together; Naomi's perspective on the women on the crew; Kes' point of view on her life.

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